Most credit repair companies use form letters or computer programs and simply plug in one client’s name for another when disputing negative items on credit reports. You cannot expect to get great results since every credit report and every account on a credit report is unique. We employ a knowledgeable and experienced staff that get the results you expect far more than any impersonal computer program. During your credit consultation we will gather as much information as possible so that we can compose a letter exclusive to each of your accounts.

Our collaboration with you enables our team to initiate audits letters and monitor the responses from creditors, collection companies and public record providers. This leaves the credit reporting agencies with no choice but to act. We also contact the creditor directly, demanding a response from them within the time mandated by federal law. We will contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if your creditors or the credit reporting agencies violate your rights under the Federal Consumer Laws that were put in place to protect you.