When people talk about having bad credit, what they mean is that they have unfavorable credit ratings or unfavorable items on their credit report that makes it difficult or expensive to get new credit.

How do lenders get your information? The information is taken for the credit applications you have completed, as well as from reports your current creditors make about how well you meet your resources. Lexus Nexus is a big supplier of public information.

Who keeps track of all this information? Credit Reporting Agencies are extremely large corporations that make money by compiling financial information about customers and selling it to consumer credit websites, potential lenders and employers. Anyone who has ever applied for credit of any kind will have a file with each of the major Credit Reporting Agencies.

A credit report list names, addresses, social security numbers and employment history along with creditors and debts. At Veterans Credit Repair, we audit the Credit Reporting Agencies to remove inaccurate Personal information and inaccurate, unverifiable accounts. Call Us today to learn more! 877-483-8273