• Go with the Credit Repair Company that consults with you before discussing a strategy for your credit repair.   No company can tell you exactly what they can do for your credit if they’re not aware of your credit history. An honest credit repair company will ask questions about your credit history and will want to view your credit reports before talking about what it will do.


  • Go with the company that makes sure you know your consumer rights.   The credit repair company must let you know that you can dispute information on your own. Most people we talk to would prefer us do this work for them because they do not have the time or the experience. Avoid a company that is secretive about their methods or claims to know the tricks of the trade. There are no tricks. An honest credit repair company will have a history of success and can tell you how or why their services are different than those of other companies.


  • An honest credit repair company doesn’t promise to raise your credit score a specific number of points.   It is not only impossible but, it’s against the law to guarantee a credit score.  A credit repair company who’s had success with other clients can tell you the results that previous customers have experienced, but they cannot tell you how much your credit score will improve if you use their services.


Before you use a company’s credit repair services, do some research. Avoid companies that consumers routinely complain about. If you would like more information about Veterans Credit Repair, please call us at 877-483-8273. We Offer A Free Credit Consultation!  You can review our reviews on Google and Facebook.