We can assist with credit & budget issues that are preventing you from obtaining a Security Clearance, getting a promotion or even joining the Military.

Financial mismanagement which leads to Credit Issues is the most common area of disqualification. Below, from the U.S. Code of Regulations, Title 32 — National Defense, Part 147.8 (Financial considerations) are some of the financial factors that can raise red flags on an application to achieve or maintain a security clearance or a promotion while in the Military.

(a) The concern. An individual who is financially overextended is at risk of having to engage in illegal acts to generate funds. Unexplained affluence is often linked to proceeds from financially profitable criminal acts.

(b) Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include: (1) A history of not meeting financial obligations;

(2) Deceptive or illegal financial practices such as embezzlement, employee theft, check fraud, income tax evasion, expense account fraud, filing deceptive loan statements, and other intentional financial breaches of trust;

(3) Inability or unwillingness to satisfy debts;

(4) Unexplained affluence;

(5) Financial problems that are linked to gambling, drug abuse, alcoholism, or other issues of security concern.

While the Pentagon is right to worry about irregular or apparently haphazard financial histories, its investigators are also charged with burrowing deeper, to learn about mitigating circumstances (if any).

Perhaps the financial or credit trouble was several years earlier or was an isolated incident. Most of the financial/credit issues we see were beyond the person’s control — loss of a job, a medical emergency, death, divorce, or some other major life event. Perhaps the person is receiving, or has received, ineffective financial counseling or just plain bad advice.

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