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Statute of Limitations, How Long You Can Be Sued


A lot of people get the Statute Of Limitations confused with the FCRA credit reporting time.  While they’re both time limits related to debt, they have different effects. The statute of limitations for collecting a debt is the period of time that a creditor or collector can obtain a judgment through the court system to [...]

Statute of Limitations, How Long You Can Be Sued2020-01-14T12:03:34-07:00

Closing an Account


Closing an account doesn't automatically come of your credit report Just because you closed an account on your credit report, it just doesn’t come off. A closed account will still show up on your credit report and may be considered when calculating your credit score. A closed positive account with no negative information in its [...]

Closing an Account2019-12-13T10:28:00-07:00

How to use Credit Cards to Maximize your Credit Score


Credit Cards are a necessary evil when it comes to a credit score. It is imperative to your credit score that you understand that the balances on your revolving accounts have a profound effect on your scores. Making your payments on time is essential, but even with a perfect payment history, if you let your [...]

How to use Credit Cards to Maximize your Credit Score2019-09-19T13:04:12-07:00

Financial Considerations for Security Clearance or Joining the Military


We can assist with credit & budget issues that are preventing you from obtaining a Security Clearance, getting a promotion or even joining the Military. Financial mismanagement which leads to Credit Issues is the most common area of disqualification. Below, from the U.S. Code of Regulations, Title 32 — National Defense, Part 147.8 (Financial considerations) [...]

Financial Considerations for Security Clearance or Joining the Military2019-09-11T11:13:41-07:00

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Residential Leases


Service members are protected by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act if they need to break their lease on account of a deployment or PCS. Breaking your lease can hurt your credit score, especially if you don't pay the leftover balance when you move out. Working with your landlord to break your lease can help you avoid [...]

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Residential Leases2019-08-29T11:58:03-07:00

What is a Judgement?


What is a Judgment? A judgment is a painful court order to pay a debt, and can arise from a lawsuit, a divorce, business dispute or an array of other possibilities. Judgments are public record. They will appear on your personal credit report and can wreak havoc on your credit scores. They can also hurt [...]

What is a Judgement?2019-08-29T11:52:55-07:00

Are There Trustworthy Credit Repair Companies?


Yes! Go with the Credit Repair Company that consults with you before discussing a strategy for your credit repair.   No company can tell you exactly what they can do for your credit if they're not aware of your credit history. An honest credit repair company will ask questions about your credit history and will want to [...]

Are There Trustworthy Credit Repair Companies?2019-07-12T09:21:29-07:00

Credit Monitoring – A Good Tool To Have


When a consumer applies for credit, a company that is authorized to obtain a copy of the consumer’s report will electronically submit a request for the report. The request must contain specific data about the consumer for the credit bureau to extract the correct report.   It is surprising to learn that one of the [...]

Credit Monitoring – A Good Tool To Have2019-05-30T09:48:57-07:00

Varying Credit Reports


Why does each credit report vary by credit reporting agency?   When viewing your credit reports you will notice some accounts differ for each of the credit reporting agencies. Some accounts will have different information between the credit reporting agencies while others may not even appear on all three reports.   The reason reports differ [...]

Varying Credit Reports2019-05-23T12:46:16-07:00

Understanding Your Credit Report


When people talk about having bad credit, what they mean is that they have unfavorable credit ratings or unfavorable items on their credit report that makes it difficult or expensive to get new credit. How do lenders get your information? The information is taken for the credit applications you have completed, as well as from [...]

Understanding Your Credit Report2019-05-02T13:07:30-07:00
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