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The Credit Report

When people talk about having bad credit, what they mean is that they have unfavorable credit ratings or unfavorable items on their credit report that makes it difficult or expensive to get new credit. Where does all this come from? Who keeps track of all this information? Credit reporting agencies are extremely large corporations that make money by compiling financial information about customers and selling it to potential lenders and employers. Anyone who has ever applied for credit of any kind will have a file with each of the major credit reporting agencies. A credit report list names, addresses, social [...]

Personalized Credit Repair

Most credit repair companies use form letters or computer programs and simply plug in one client’s name for another when disputing negative items on credit reports. You cannot expect to get great results since every credit report and every account on a credit report is unique. We employ a knowledgeable and experienced staff that get the results you expect far more than any impersonal computer program. During your credit consultation we will gather as much information as possible so that we can compose a letter exclusive to each of your accounts. Our collaboration with you enables our team to initiate [...]

What is a Credit Score

While some of the information on your credit report is self-explanatory, some of the other aspects, especially your credit score, are a bit of a mystery to some consumers. Few people know what their credit score is or understand how their credit score calculated. Some are not sure what or how some factors affect their credit scores or what needs to be done to raise their credit score. That 3-digit number is critical to your family & financial life. Negative credit scores can have enormous repercussions on your future. From getting a good job, car insurance to a credit card, [...]

Co-Signing Loans

Co-Signing Loans I read credit reports from Veterans every week where I see late payments or charge offs/collections from a loan that they feel they are not responsible for and cannot understand why it is on their credit report. Co-signing loans is not a good idea. People often assume that they are just doing a good deed to help a friend or family member, and may even mistakenly believe that it's simply a one-time event. But when you co-sign a loan, you will be involved in that loan and that loan will be on your credit report until it is [...]

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