Our Mission

Our mission at Veterans Credit Repair is to create a better established, educated consumer with increased buying power who can be a more confident consumer and live life with less financial stress.

Better Credit…Better Life!

Veterans Credit Repair has a secure web portal that allows the client to go online and log in – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view the file and see the work in progress. Each time Veterans Credit Repair leaves a note or when a change is made to the file the client will receive an email and a text message asking them to log in to view the results of the credit repair process. This encourages the client to be involved in the process. 

Just a 20 point FICO increase can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in interest paid over the life of an average priced home. We  have a proven track record of raising. FICO scores effectively to give our clients better purchasing power. There are too many factors that make up the credit score so it is impossible to give you an accurate prediction of how much your score will increase and it would be illegal based on the Credit Repair Organizations Act for us to promise any specific result. As a company, we’d rather tell you the truth, educate you, and allow you to make the most informed decision possible. What we can promise you is our efforts and education are unmatched. Our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction, is what will ensure that you are happy about choosing us. And you will also want to tell others about your great experience working with our team!

Veterans Credit Repair works on a case by case basis, please call us for our lowest custom estimate. We only charge after the services have been completed. Raising your score a mere 20 points can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan.

Veterans Credit Repair has a flexible system using Federal Laws that are in place to protect the consumer. The Federal Laws give consumers the right to question creditors, collection companies and the three major credit reporting agencies in reference to their information that is recorded on their credit report.

These laws are very specific on what documents must be on file to report an account on a consumer’s credit report. The information must be 100% accurate and verifiable.

With our proven system, we mail audits using soft vebiage requesting documents such as original signed contracts, detailed billing history and certification of debt. We also work to remove inaccurate and misspellings of names, addresses and phone numbers. If any account is proven to be accurate and verified, we will advise the client in negotiating the debt.

The final phase is to remove any remaining dispute remarks from the credit report. A dispute remark can be added to any account by the furnisher of the information. A dispute remark can prevent a mortgage from qualifying. 

Our clients have the opportunity to save thousands on their mortgage, credit card interest or even their car insurance. Call us today at 877-4VETCRD (877-483-8273) for a Free consultation…you have nothing to lose!

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